Event The Drawing Triennial 2023

Tegnerforbundet: The Oracle (dream-magic)

December 3, 2023


December 3, 2023

Welcome to the performance with Johan Urban Bergquist in Tegnerforbundet.

Location: Tegnerforbundet
Date : December 3
Time: 13:00

The event is free, open to everyone and requires no registration.


About the performance

When we sleep, dreams reign supreme. Whether we are participating in anxiety-inducing nightmares or sweet dreams, we sometimes wake up wondering what it all means? Is it just our subconscious playing tricks on us, or can our dreams tell us something about our waking life? Perhaps the Oracle has the answer? The Oracle (dream-magic) is an interactive performance based on the prediction and interpretation of dreams using 56 hand-drawn oracle cards. Throughout the exhibition, one of Bergquist's alter egos, The Oracle, will offer visitors a reading of oracle cards. Through the reading, the oracle will try to shed light on the darkness of dreams. The Oracle (dream-magic) is a project that unfolds at the intersection of drawing, language and dreams, where each element feeds and responds to the other. Difficult interpretations of the Oracle's deck of cards are supplemented by its dream journals and scrap-books. This is not the first time Orakelet has ventured into the world of dreams.

About Johan Urban Bergquist

Johan Urban Bergquist (1965) was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim and Konstfack in Stockholm. He has participated in both the Sculpture Biennial and the former Drawing Biennial. He has been purchased by institutions in both Sweden and Norway.

Photo: Johan Urban Bergquist.

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