Event The Drawing Triennial 2023

Tegnerforbundet: Performance by Marthe A Andersen

October 28, 2023


October 28, 2023

Welcome to the performative lecture "New Norwegian Capital History: signs and symbols" by Marthe A Andersen in Tegnerforbundet.

Location: Tegnerforbundet
Date : October 28
Time: 13:00

The lecture is free, open to all and requires no registration. The lecture will be held in Norwegian.


About the talk

In the performative lecture "New Norwegian Capital History: Signs and Symbols", Andersen presents an examination of the drawings and symbols that have been used on the country's banknotes throughout history. Based on the idea that banknotes are the drawn representation of a country's economic philosophy, and that the banknotes point to what the nation wishes to attribute value to, Andersen has examined Norway's banknotes from a macro and micro perspective. The lecture will take the form of a series of thoughts, where threads are linked from drawings and symbols into the socio-political history of the nation of Norway. We will gain an insight into the banknotes' hidden meanings, invisible ghost drawings and artistic choices when it comes to the motif and design of the Norwegian banknotes. What do the banknotes tell us about the times we live in and the times that have passed? We get answers to this and more when Andersen tells the stories hidden between the engraved lines on our banknotes.

About Marthe A Andersen

Marthe A Andersen (1986) graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has participated in a number of exhibitions in Norway and abroad. She is also an art communicator and has given lectures at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, among other places.


Photo: Marthe A Andersen.

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