Drawing Triennial 2023

About the Drawing Triennial 2023

The drawing triennial 2023 has been given the title All that Lies Between , and will examine the relationship between the written and the drawn, the said and the unsaid, and everything that lies in between. The drawing triennial 2023 will consist of several different and parallel projects, each of which illuminates the theme in its own way. Until the triennial 2023 has Tegnerforbundet invited several partners with unique expertise on the triennial's theme, and the triennial will, among other things, take place in Tegnerforbundet , at the National Museum, at Deichman Bjørvika and at Tenthaus. The drawing triennial will also contain an artist's book with contributions from both artists and writers, published by Tegnerforbundet . Together, the Art Triennale's projects will examine unique perspectives on two of our most important forms of expression; the word and the sign, the written and the drawn. 

The curatorial group for The 2023 Drawing triennial is Ottar Karlsen, Roddy Bell and Hilde Lunde.

More information about the Drawing Triennial 2023 soon.

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